About Us

About Us

Recently launched in January 2020, wīf aims to become the supply chain platform for all fashion brands. Starting on the center of the industry’s problem, we bring the convenience to source fabrics from direct suppliers both online and offline. Our customers have the ease to view and order fabrics through our website. Samples can be ordered effortlessly for direct touch & feel within a 24-hour delivery. Shopping for fabric was never made so easy and convenient! For customers who wish to obtain other services that are not displayed on the website such as fresh order fabrics, innovation fabrics and manufacturing services; please send us an email or whatsapp and our team will do its maximum effort to help you! 

Understanding that a lot of brands are having troubles in finding the right manufacturing partner, wīf provides a manufacturing-as-a-service (MaaS) for you. We are working with various types of production houses ranging from different specialties, capacities and locations. Having the right database and proper knowledge will help you have a never before seamless production experience. As we are currently working with a small but efficient team, enquiries over production can be made over email or whatsapp. Please kindly contact us and we will be very excited to know how we can help you.

Our goal is to free you from production hustle in any way necessary.

Email us at admin@wifworld.com


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